Thursday, July 25, 2024

Pill Pots Information

Pill PotsIf you have not come across this scheme before it’s really simple.

Pick up a pot from the medical centre, and put it in your fridge door with a copy of your most up to date repeat prescription inside (together with any other emergency details- there’s a form in the pot). Then put a sticker on the fridge door.

Why? Because if an ambulance crew need to call on you, and you are unconscious for any reason, they are trained to check your fridge door for the pot, which can then accompany you to hospital if you have to go.

This is so easy, takes a burden off a loved one, who may be in shock or not thinking clearly if you have collapsed or been injured, or simply not know what medication you take. It’s even more important if you live alone.

Pop a pot in the fridge and a sticker on the fridge door… it’s as easy as that, and will be invaluable to Doctors at the hospital.

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