PPG Meeting – Thursday 13th December 2012


Present: Richard Cole (RC) (Chair), Dr H Mayo (HGM), Angharad Roberts (AR), Sarah Morris (SM) Colin Hembery (CH), Ian Thomas (IT), Sandra Wildsmith (SW), Clare Billings (CB), Dinah Ball (DB), Viv Riley (VR).

“Meeting notes”

  1. Welcome & Apologies

RC opened meeting and welcomed members. Dr Clare Billings (GP Registrar) in attendance.
Apologies: None received.

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting 13th September 2012

Minutes accepted as an accurate record.

  1. Action Points/ Matters Arising

RC reported PPG deposit account balance of £298.54
Members reminded to forward outstanding member profiles to SM
DB/RC to contact LHS
RC offered thanks to members for very successful Autumn Health Forum event

“IT -offered a very kind donation of £100 to PPG fund. “

  1. Presentation by Ruth Wilson – Programme Manager – Diabetes UK

A very interesting presentation by Ruth Wilson outlining the Diabetes UK Peer Support Programme.

  1. Review of PPG profile, activity update & 2013 planning

PPG discussion re: possible areas of work for the forthcoming year and suggestions put forward by IT. Group agreed the following programme of work for 2013:

  • Autumn Health Forum event. Ideas discussed and very positive response for Voluntary Sector Day (proposed by HGM), with contributions from for example, Age Concern, Parkinsons Society. Sub-group meeting to be held early next year.
  • Health information point within waiting area to raise awareness of PPG profile/activities and provide health related information. SW very keen to progress  and will assess resources necessary. SW/VR/SM to form a sub-group and provide list of requirements and suggestions for location, necessary IT/people/resources. ACTION SW/VR/SM
  • Llanishen High School liaison –to progress art project and possible PPG membership by 6th form candidate. ACTION DB/RC
  • Review of PPG membership.

6 Any other business

IT -offered a very kind donation of £100 to PPG fund. Members offered grateful thanks.

DB – reported that Pastor at Thornhill Church Centre Dave Tucker retired in the Summer. New Minister – Phil Marshal now in post. Members agreed to invite Phil to a future meeting.

HGM – on behalf of the Practice Dr Mayo thanked members for their contributions throughout the year and offered Seasons Greetings to all.

RC – problems with his e-mail account at home. Please use rcole@cardiff.gov

SM – provided feedback from visit by Cardiff & Vale Community Health Council (CCC). CCC very impressed with Practice and service provided. Patient feedback during the visit highlighted problems with telephones and some mis-understanding regarding the appointment system. SM provided thanks to RC for attending the CCC visit and providing overview of PPG work.

  1. Date of next meeting

Meeting dates for 2013

Meetings held at Excalibur Drive from 9.30am – 11.30am

  • Thursday March 7th
  • Thursday June 6th
  • Thursday September 12th
  • Thursday December 12th
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